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Stranger Things sezonul 3 online subtitrat. Într-un orășel mic, unde toată lumea se cunoaște personal, un incident ciudat lansează un lanț de evenimente ce conduc la dispariția unui copil. Agenții guvernamentale secrete și forțe supranaturale întunecate, aparent răuvoitoare, ajung în oraș, în timp ce câțiva localnici încep să înțeleagă că există ceva înfricoșător în orașul lor pașnic. Stranger Things sezonul 3 online subtitrat

Stranger Things Season 3 will arrive in 2019, with production now finished for the third outing. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming season – including release date, plot hints, trailers and more. Is there a release date for Stranger Things Season 3? Wondering when Season 3 of Stranger Things is coming out? Netflix have now confirmed that Stranger Things 3 will debut on July 4. Just after midnight on January 1, the streaming service unveiled a brand new poster announcing the premiere date. The poster itself sees Eleven and Mike holding hands while the entire gang watch a 4th of July firework display. Eleven and Will are the only ones looking back, while Dustin, Lucas and Max seem to be looking up at fireworks. You can see the poster below. Stranger Things sezonul 3 online subtitrat

Following the unveiling of the poster, fans soon spotted a number of rats scurrying about in the foreground, leading to speculation that the new season could introduce a new menace of “demo-rats” (rat-like demogorgons) entering the town. Given that one of the upcoming episodes has been revealed to be titled ‘The Mall Rats’, the theory could hold weight. The first full trailer was released on March 20. The trailer opens with the gang surprising Dustin to welcome him home from summer camp (which doesn’t end well…) It’s summer in Hawkins and the gang are growing up but, from the looks of it, there will be plenty of action, and some whole new baddies. Watch below. So what does that tell us about the upcoming episodes? Stranger Things sezonul 3 online subtitrat

The trailers later scenes confirm that new locations will prove to be central to the gang’s woes. First, you’ve got the Starcourt Mall, where Steve and Dustin appear to have acquired jobs, being inhabited by another gory-looking creature. Meanwhile, a horde of rats race through the July 4 fun fair put on by the town’s Mayor Kline – with Hopper looking concerned and what appears to be an assassin in a hall of mirrors. Trouble appears to be brewing for Natalie and Jonathan, who look glum together in an undisclosed building.

As promised, it looks like the group – and specifically Will – have some issues to address. As Will reminisces, a voiceover from Mike says, “did you think, we were just going to sit in my basement? playing games for the rest of our lives?” A short teaser was also released a day prior on March 19. It featured a horde of rats scurrying through what looked like an abandoned warehouse, all heading towards the same shadowy spot. “It’s almost feeding time,” the caption read. Watch it below now.

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