The Golden Glove online subtitrat


The Golden Glove online subtitrat. Plasat la începutul anilor ’70, The Golden Glove este povestea unui criminal în serie care bagă spaima în locuitorii orașului Hamburg. The Golden Glove online subtitrat

A serial killer strikes fear in the hearts of residents of Hamburg during the early 1970s. A fetid corpse flower of a film — the kind whose wretched stink only blooms into theaters once every few years — Fatih Akin’s “The Golden Glove” is a movie that you can smell just by looking at it. It’s relentlessly pungent; the cinematic equivalent of an overflowing porta potty. The sets reek of shit and decaying flesh, while even the living characters appear to rot before our eyes. Maggots fall through the ceiling and rain into a young girl’s soup. A jar of pickled sausages grows enough white fur to make a winter coat. There’s no reprieve from all this rancidness. It opens with a long, unblinking take of its sociopathic protagonist stripping the body of a bloated old prostitute and (after the help of some liquid courage) sawing her head off with the wild-eyed clumsiness of a chronic drinker. It’s hard to fathom at the time, but this will be the most pleasant sequence of this godforsaken story. The Golden Glove online subtitrat

Ostensibly a historical drama about serial killer Fritz Honka, who cast a long and odorous shadow over the red-light district of Hamburg in the early 1970s, Akin’s empty spectacle of supreme ugliness never has the temerity (or the respect?) to do anything more than disgust its audience. And to that end, well, mission accomplished. Squandering whatever goodwill he earned with the explosive 2016 thriller “In the Fade,” the German-born writer-director has followed the biggest hit of his career with one of the most putrid and willfully unpleasant things ever projected onto a screen.

It’s a film about the depravity that can infect a country in the wake of a lost war, told with the clarity of a clogged toilet; a film informed by the radicality of Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the artfulness of Uwe Boll; a film that contrasts the visceral grotesquery of “Se7en” with the psychological depth of Kevin Spacey’s “Let Me Be Frank” video. Most of all, it’s an act of karmic revenge against those who bemoaned the supposed banality of “The House that Jack Built.” 20 minutes into this and you’ll find yourself begging the movie gods for another trip through the abattoir of Lars von Trier’s anxieties. The Golden Glove online subtitrat

Filmul The Golden Glove (2019), se lanseaza in 5 iunie 2019, si face parte din categoria filmelor drama. Vizioneaza film-ul The Golden Glove online subtitrat in limba romana pe siteul nostru. Distribuie, sau scrie parerea ta despre acest film. Vizionare placuta!



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