The Tree of Blood online subtitrat


The Tree of Blood online subtitrat. Marc (Álvaro Cervantes) și Rebeca (Ursula Corberó) sunt un cuplu tânăr care călătoresc într-o veche fermă bască care aparținea familiei lor. Acolo ei vor scrie istoria comună a rădăcinilor familiei lor, creând astfel un arbore familial mare unde relațiile de iubire, indiferență, sex, nebunie, gelozie și infidelitate sunt protejate și sub care se află și o poveste plină de secrete și tragedii. The Tree of Blood online subtitrat

Rebeca and Marc make a travel to discover their mutual family pasts in Rebeca’s grandparents house. Rebeca and Marc are a troubled couple who make a deal to solve their differences: during a full weekend, they travel to the Rebeca’s grandparents family house in Basque Country (north to Spain) to write the story about their respective parents: it moves the history 25 years ago when Macarena, Rebeca’s mother, was a famous rock singer who retired from singing after her pregnant, and Nuria, Marc’s mother, was a teen who was forced to exit from her summer house after the mysterious Olmo arrives to warm her that a Russian mob wants her house as headquarter in Spain. Time later Macarena meets Victor, a fan who falls in love with her and assumes child Rebeca as her own daughter to acceptance and joy of Macarena’s parents, Pío and Candela, while Nuria works as editor literary and meeting Amaia, an aspiring writer which first novel turns in big hit, who in addition she’s married with the own Olmo, Victor’s elder brother. According the history evolves moving to the present, happiness turns in…

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Filmul The Tree of Blood (2019), se lanseaza in 24 Mai 2019, si face parte din categoria filmelor drama. Vizioneaza film-ul The Tree of Blood online subtitrat, in limba romana pe siteul nostru. Distribuie, sau scrie parerea ta despre acest film. Vizionare placuta!



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